The Asvini Glass Buttplug

When I first saw the Asvini online I was immediately curious about how it would feel in play with its semi-realistic design. So on a whim I decided to purchase it. Boy, am I glad that I did.

Once the Asvini arrived, and I physically had my hands on it, I fell in love. It’s what I'd consider the perfect size for a buttplug. Sitting at 5 inches in total length, and 5.8 inches in circumference around its thickest point, it’s not so big that it takes hours to build up to, and isn't so long as to inhibit things such as comfortable movement whilst wearing it about.

The Asvini is broadly penis-shaped (if you can't tell from the photos), with a rounded tip that builds up to the ridge of the helmet. It’s made out of borosilicate glass which, along with silicone, is one of the most body-safe materials you can stick up your butt.

Glass is also a particularly good material for people who share toys due to the fact that it’s hygienic and non-porous, and can easily be sterilised preventing the risk of spreading STIs.

The Asvini comes with a velvet storage pouch which makes it perfect for travelling with. I ended up taking it with me to a sex party where I could see its full potential in action. It was great for loosening up guys who were newer to the bottoming scene, but don't let that fool you, this isn't a 100% newbie’s toy. It’s too large to jump right into anal with, but it’s the perfect warm-up size for bigger things.

When I began to use the Asvini it took a few minutes before I could fully insert it without any hassle - but once it’s in, its heaven. Thanks to the shape, the toy goes in just the right amount when you flex your ass muscles, and it’s just the right shape for it to feel like you're being fucked really intensely. I was able to wear the Asvini for two hours straight without any problems and could have easily gone longer if I wanted to.

If you are into temperature play then the Asvini is for you. Thanks to the borosilicate glass it’s made out of, the plug can be heated and cooled for pleasure. Contrary to popular belief, glass toys are very resilient; the glass itself is toughened in the same way a pyrex jug is treated, which means you can put it in the freezer or a bowl of hot water with no risk of it shattering.

I'd recommend putting it in the fridge an hour or more before using it if you just want to add an extra kick to the plug.

The Asvini buttplug has made its way to being my new all-time favourite toy. The shape and length are just what you need, and it’s easy to clean and comfortable for long use. You can get Prisms' Asvini Buttplug on Amazon for £20.99.

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5" (length) x 5.8" (circumference)