Tenga's Hard Boiled Eggs

Tenga Eggs are small, elegant, single-use masturbators resembling a kinky Easter Egg for men. They come in a large range of textures and designs, and serve as a cheaper alternative to a tradtional Fleshlight. While a novel concept, I was dubious about the idea and design, so when I actually came to use them I was pleasantly suprised with my experience.

Tenga Eggs come in a hard plastic shell, and once you've "cracked" the shell you are greeted by the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) egg membrane. Inside the membrane itself is a plastic tube, helping the toy stay together, and a lube sachet. Once you take out the plastic tubing you are ready to go!


A feel on the inside will reveal to you the different bumps, curves, and grooves your particular egg has. Tenga Eggs come in a large range of different textures, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

In actual use, I can describe the sensation and feel of having the sleeve on my shaft as "condom-like". Basically it felt like I had a really thick condom on. It's suprisingly stretchy and easily covered my whole penis (which is no mean feat). When I was using it I didn't thrust my entire cock into the egg like I would do to a Fleshlight, but instead I used it to massage the tip of my penis, which felt amazing.

I have a rather sensitive penis head, so the different bumps moving up and down it was really intense. It made my legs quiver, and felt entirely different to what you'd get in a Fleshlight. Clean up with the toy itself is rather easy - given that it's a single-use item, you simply put it back into the shell and throw the whole thing in the bin.

The Tenga Eggs are definitly worth a try, and with their size you can chuck a couple in your bag when traveling without it taking a massive amount of room. They also make good stocking stuffers for birthday parties or stag dos. However, these are definitely a luxury item. Given that they cost just over a fiver per wank, it's hard to justify using these as an every-day item! But if you are looking to treat yourself, or someone else, to the jerk of a lifetime, this is the way to do it.

You can get you own set of Tenga Eggs for £33 on Amazon.

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