Life of an OnlyFans Model

Lets have a little look into the day and life of a full time OnlyFans model. For those who don't know OnlyFans is a subscription based site where people can post adult content and other people can subriber to that person to see their content, its a rather simple idea.

I've been using OnlyFans for around 9 months now and it has now become my full time job, so here is how I spend a normal working day of my life.

Waking up I will check my emails while eating breakfast, mainly contacting models and studios to see if they would like to work with me or so some collabration, which normally takes an hour or so. Shower and shave, I need to shave every day to make sure that I look my best, stubble is really noticable when youre using typical un of the mill cameras, not so much with professional grade cameras.

Then comes work, depending on if I've arranged todo a duo shoot with someone or just a solo I setup my camera, take some test photos to white balance it out, then proceed to do what/who I've set out to do. Normally I work with themes, my recent themes have been Ganing/Nerd because I wanted to mix both my love of gaming and being a all round slut.

Once shooting is done, I set out to do some basic edits on the photos, if needed, I try not to photoshop my photos, but sometimes you need todo a little touch up, on a rather nasty spot, or some unfortante lighting.

Then its off to the Gym, I come home then write out emails to models and studios, where I normally reply to them in the morning. Then sleep! OnlyFans is a great way to make money and to be your own boss, you get creative freedom and the chance to meet some amazing people.

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