Whipster: The Glass Whip

I received a Whipster from the lovely people at adult toy manufacturer Shots.

The Whipster is a beautiful combo toy - it serves both as a dildo and as a whip. Let's take a look at these strengths individually.

The Whip

The tail of the whip is about 35cm (14") long and made of 30 strands of white faux-leather. The strands themselves are quite thin, so you can get a good sensation from them, but there are enough that the force is quite spread out. You're not going to be doing any real damage with this one.

Because the strands are so thin, they often get tangled over each other. After a minute or so of use, you'll have to stop and tease them apart. That only takes about 5 seconds so it's not a real problem, but it's something to be aware of if you are planning a long session.

The Dildo

The glass handle of the toy can be used as a dildo. It's about 15cm (6") long and 10cm (4") around at its widest point. It fits comfortably in the hand, and even more comfortably in the butt!

It's arranged kinda like a glass chain of anal beads, with 3 orbs which decrease in size. You can feel the sensation of them as they go in, but the size of the toy means it's really more of an entry level dildo. It won't pose much of a challenge for most experienced toy users.

Because it is made of borosilicate glass, it's resistant to thermal shock - so it's not going to crack on you if you decide to warm it up. This makes it great for temperature play, like other glass toys we've looked at.


The Whipster is an aesthetically gorgeous object. It's well crafted and made of premium materials. I'm very pleased to add it to my collection - and I would recommend that you do too!

You can get your own Whipster on Adam & Eve for £49.28

Value for money

Product Info


Chrystalino by Shots




7 inches