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It's no serect that I'm a fan of Gay Saunas, I'm what you would could call a connoisseur of them, so you can take my word on the fact The Greenhouse lives up to its reputation.

Few months ago I wrote about 'Unit 2', which is now thankfully now closed, which is my worse sauna experaince (so far). I was told after publishing that article that I should check out Greenhouse in Darlaston, a small town located in the West Midlands. So when the opportunity came up to visit I jumped on it.

Before getting into my experiance I'll sum up the the venues facilities.

I went on a Wednesday which happened to be the Sauna's weekly 'Dare 2 Bare' night. I started off jumping right into the swimming pool, where I quickly jumped out of it the water was a lot colder than I was expecting. Youre supposed to use the pool after the saunas to cool off. The pool itself was a decent size, with a working waterfall that hides a hidden cave area.

Dire need to warm up I got into the Jacuzz, which was large, but there was only one, I was hoping for more than one, it was busy when I went in so I had to squish up agasint some men to warm myself up. 10 or so minutes later it empty a little which gave me much more breathing room.

I decided to 'sample' the dark rooms, and few hours later I was worn out, the facilities where nice, personally I was a big fan of the sling (I leave what unchristan things I got up to your imagination). At this point I was pretty dehaydrated so I went to the bar area for a drink, pricing wasnt bad at all, normally saunas charge an arm and a leg for a can of coke and a chocolate bar.

It was nearing the end of the night so I thought before I pack up and go I'd try the sauna/steam rooms/pool, the steam room was your typical steam room, not massive, but it did its job. The sauna was a bit of a let down, one of the wall was not turned on, so half the room was rather cold, but once they fixed it again it did its job. I was thankful for the pool afterwards too cool off. I dried off and went home, satified.

I'd highly recommend Greenhouse, has so much to offer.

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