Hexa Spinner: A New Twist on a Classic

The Hexa Spinner is one of the three masturbators in the Tenga's 'Spinner' range. I managed to get my hands on one of these bad boys earlier in the week and it's changed the way I've been masturbating.

Compacted and cute, the Hexa offers a more appealing alternative to the Fleshlights that you'd normally find on the market. My big issue when it comes to typical Fleshlights is the size. Its a nightmare to actually find a place to put it - many are actually larger than my sex toy drawer - but Hexa's offers the same experience you'd get with a normal flashlight, but with the benefits of being able to store it away.


The Hexa is made out of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and has plastic stripes spiralling throughout the toy, It's this piece of plastic that gives the Hexa its name and unqiue sensation. When penetrating the Hexa the spiral compacts down, but when you pull it off it expands making the toy twist around your shaft and head.

The sensation it achives sends a tingle down your body and provides an experience different to what you'd get in your normal Fleshlight. It works particually well if you have a sensitive head like me!

The toy is also suprisingly robust. I was worried when I began using it that I was going to fuck straight through the toy and break it, but after a few cautious thrusts it remained perfectly intact. Once I was sure it wasnt going to break i started going to town on it, and it is still in perfect condition.

I highly recommend picking out something from Tenga's Spinner range for yourself. It breaths new life into masterbating, and it's small enough to sit in your bedside drawer. You can purchase a Tenga Spinner on Amazon for £26.55.

Value for money

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