Pearce By Bad Dragon

Bad Dragon have knocked it out of the park with their take on a Prince-Alberted dildo. Pearce is a fantastic dildo for those looking to get into Bad Dragons but are slightly scared of starting with their more 'exotic' selection of toys.

For my first Bad Dragon, I wanted to go in small and work my way up to the more iconic sized toys which the company is known for. So I decided on Pearce, a rather chunky toy sporting a very attactive Prince Albert (PA).


My first concern with the toy when I first got it was that the PA was going to break off. It seemed to me that it was a weak spot on the toy and was at risk of damage, but the quailty of the silcone the toy is made from is fantastic. I can pull, stretch, and yank on every part of it without it changing shape or tearing.

In actual use I was suprised how well I managed to take it. It's pretty girthy, but it is designed to just slip in without major warming up. With other toys this thick, I normally have to work my way to using it with smaller buttplugs. With the Pearce, it just worked.


The only problem I have with Pearce is that the the balls are a little too big, and don't really add anything to the toy apart from weight. It seems to be a waste of silcone for what is already a rather expensive toy. This is just a matter of personal opinion, but I'd much rather have that silicone be put to better use.

I can see why Bad Dragons have such a large following. It felt amazing, and the quaility is top notch. The small details on it like the vein on the side, or the foreskin folds, really come together to make an athestically pleasing toy. I already want to get a bigger one, even though I've only had this one for a week or so.

You can get you own Pearce for $75 on their website!

Value for money

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Bad Dragon




6.25" (length) x 6.75 (circumference)