Tenga's Flip Orb: A New Way to Get Off

Tenga have really been bringing their A-game recently. Not long ago we saw the Hexa Spinner, and now the "Flip Orb". The Flip series doesn't only offer you a more enhanced and pleasable way to masturbate, but it also looks ablosuletly stunning.

Blue Rush and Orange Crash are the two vartients of the Flip Orb. When I was offered the chance to try one I had to go for Blue Rush, since I'm a sucker for the colour blue. The Flip Orb is a lot more bulky than the Hexa Spinner, but it does have a nice hard plastic exterior which makes it very pleasant to look at, and even have sitting on your desk (!).

If you've used any Tenga masturbators before you know to expect the usual TPE, Thermoplastic Elastomer, interior which is used in almost all of their masturbation toys currently on the market. However, the unique selling point of the Flip Orb are the hard orbs that line the inside of the toy. These orbs really change the way you masturbate, giving an experience I haven't had before with a masturbation aid.


Two pressure points on the toy allow you to change the intensity and feel of the orbs on your shaft. My worry initally when using the Flip Orb was that the hard plastic orbs would be more uncomfortable than pleasurable, but the orbs are surrounded in the soft TPE and feel frankly amazing when they rub up and down your dick.

I do have to add that you need to apply a decent amount of lube to the toy to coat the whole interior, but thankfully clean up is very easy with the Flip Orb since the device is entierly waterproof. After a helping of warm water and soap to clean the device, you can unclip it to expose the inside for faster drying. It also comes with a drying base to help with that.

To be completely honest, I was shocked by how much I enjoyed the Flip Orb. The only downside is how bulky the object is. I can't wait to see what Tenga produces next.

You can purchase a Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush on Amazon for £54.99.

Value for money

We would like to thank Tenga for sending us the Flip Orb for review. As always, Bottomologist reviews are unbiased and honest, whether toys are purchased or given.

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